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Have you avoided the dentist due to fear, paranoia or discomfort? Maybe the thought of a dental drill or needle fills you with dread. Perhaps you have sensitive teeth or a strong gag reflex that has made dental appointments uncomfortable in the past. These situations are common and have led to countless numbers of patients foregoing the dental treatment they need. Many dental patients find comfort in knowing that Essential Dentistry offers conscious oral sedation in Okotoks.

conscious oral sedation service

To ensure that you are a candidate, we thoroughly review your health history at a pre-appointment consultation. We’ll discuss any aspects of your health that may affect your eligibility for conscious oral sedation.

If it’s determined that you are a candidate and you choose to proceed with conscious oral sedation, we will discuss the protocol at your pre-appointment consultation. The important points to discuss are that you will require a ride from a family member or friend, too and from your appointment. Once seated in the dental chair we will give you a small pill to take. The result is a pleasant, drowsy feeling that helps you feel at ease during the dental procedure.

Many patients fall asleep during their treatment, but are easily awakened when we need to talk to them. You are always conscious and aware, but the sights, smells and sounds of the dental office drift away. We monitor your comfort and sedation level throughout the appointment. At the completion of your treatment, your driver will stay with you for a few hours in your home to ensure you are settled. For many patients, conscious oral sedation allows them to receive the dental treatment they’ve been avoiding for years.

To learn if you might be a candidate for conscious oral sedation, contact Essential Dentistry in Okotoks, AB.

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