Quality Custom Crowns in a Day vs Traditional Crowns

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quality custom crowns vs traditional crowns

Suppose that you are having a wonderful supper when suddenly you bite down wrong, and a tough, grit-filled chunk of the tooth falls in your mouth. You may experience some pain as a result. Though you might dislike the hassle, cost, and month-long wait associated with it, acquiring a new crown for your smile is important.

If your dentist near you also offers same-day crowns, you may be torn between choosing them and standard crowns, but relief could be just one dental appointment away. If not, you might have to wait a month for a new crown. Even one day of agony from a cracked, chipped, or fractured tooth is awful enough!

What Impact Does the Process of Therapy Have?

The fact that same-day crowns are typically less durable and more susceptible to wear and tear than regular crowns is one of their biggest drawbacks. This is so because ceramics, which are used to make CEREC crowns, are not as durable as metal or porcelain.

Another drawback is appearance: while same-day crowns fit the teeth nicely and look natural, you might have to spend extra time finding a bespoke color that you like. If you’re unsure what to expect, ask your dentist to show you pictures of a patient who had a case comparable to yours for dental crowns.

Last but not least, not all patients can benefit from same-day crowns. Your dentist could have trouble using the imaging camera to get a decent map of your tooth if it is cracked beneath the gum line.

Difference in Cost

If you’re weighing the costs of same-day vs. conventional crowns, you probably want to know which is more expensive. In some circumstances, the price of a ceramic crown created in a lab or at your dentist’s office is comparable.

But conventional crowns composed of metal or porcelain can cost more. According to dental cost estimates, porcelain crowns can run between $800 and $3,000, while metal crowns can cost anywhere from $830 to $2,465

What you ultimately spend out-of-pocket depends on the costs charged by your dentist’s office and your insurance benefits. You may frequently discover a cost estimator tool by contacting your dental office or your dental insurance provider.

But, keep in mind that since one dentist appointment is less expensive than two, you might be able to save some money with a same-day crown. Depending on your insurance, this might represent the difference between one and two copays.

Benefits of Same-Day Custom Crowns

When it comes to convenience, getting same-day dental crowns near you is the best option. Because of this, you won’t require a temporary crown or wait weeks for a lab to complete the permanent one. You just need to visit the dentist once.

If you’re anxious about getting a crown on your tooth and about the pain, know that same-day crowns require fewer injections than conventional crowns do. Also, rather than taking unpleasant traditional impressions, your dentist can create a model for the crown using a computerized scanner.

Future tooth decay is also less likely to affect your teeth. This is due to your avoidance of temporary crowns, which can make it easier for bacteria to infect the tooth and fit poorly.

Benefits of Traditional Crowns

Traditional crowns, which are quickly created on-site by dentists using CEREC technology, are typically stronger because they are made in a lab. Whereas traditional crowns come in metal or porcelain, same-day crowns are only available in ceramic.

Another benefit is that traditional crowns might look more natural than CEREC crowns. Using porcelain or ceramic materials can help you get a more true tooth color, and having a professional craft your crown can ensure that it properly matches the rest of your teeth.

Deciding Whether You Want Traditional or Same-Day Crowns

Your ultimate choice will be influenced by your preferences for a crown’s price, quality, comfort, and convenience.

If you want a quick, practical solution and don’t mind the material or durability restrictions, same-day crowns may appeal to you, or you can reach out to dental crowns in Okotoks.

If you’re debating between same-day crowns and conventional crowns, our dentist in Okotoks is pleased to give you a consultation to better understand your requirements. Just get in touch with us.