Is It Enough to Wear Invisalign For 20 Hours?

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is it enough to wear invisalign for 20 hours

Is 20 hours per day sufficient to maximize the effects of your Invisalign treatment? Patients receiving orthodontic care tend to wonder about this because others claim that it is not possible to wear their clear trays for the recommended duration, which is 22 hours minimum. 

However, orthodontists concur that 20 to 22 hours ought to be adequate. The teeth require constant pressure to shift into the appropriate position, yet wearing the aligners constantly is not practical. You can eat and have fun within the 22-hour restriction without jeopardizing your treatment strategy after getting Invisalign near you.

Why You Must Wear Invisalign For At Least 22 

First and foremost, it’s critical to comprehend the significance of the treatment compliance regulation. Invisalign will gently move your teeth into better alignment by using a set of transparent aligners rather than metal wires and brackets.

Each pair of plastic trays must be worn for a specific period of time, often two weeks. They gently press on a section of your grin at a time until the whole thing is perfectly positioned. Because these micro-movements are spaced out over several months or longer, patients normally experience little discomfort during the course of treatment. Each successive tray is straighter than the one before it, which makes this special technique effective. The aligners, however, only work when they come into direct contact with the teeth. As a result, dentists in Okotoks highly advise keeping the trays on for at least 20 to 22 hours every day.

How to Meet the Mandatory Invisalign Wear Time

Failure to adhere to the advised wear time may cause difficulties, pain, or even delays in your therapy. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to realistically extend the wear time to 22 hours. Observe the following advice:

  • Every day, take off your aligners for a specific period of time. At breakfast, lunch, and supper, spend 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and 60 minutes, respectively, with them outside. You’ll have enough flexibility with this timetable for breaks and maintenance.
  • You can use an app. Track how much you wear each day.
  • When not wearing your aligners, it is important to note that you have to submerge your trays in a glass of warm water. In this manner, they will be cleaned while you eat.
  • Create a dental hygiene routine with the help of a dentist near you. Make sure to develop the practice of cleaning your teeth soon after eating before putting your trays back in.
  • Before going to bed, go on to your new set of trays. You won’t feel too uncomfortable and won’t desire to take out your aligners if you do this.

Do you find it difficult to adhere to the 22-hour Invisalign wear time? You’re not alone, so don’t be alarmed. You may easily achieve that aim and have a straighter grin in no time by using the advice provided above!

How to Properly Remove Your Aligners

Follow these instructions to take your Invisalign aligners out:

  • To remove food or debris from your teeth and aligners, rinse your mouth with water.
  • Near your molars, place your index fingers on the rear of the aligners.
  • Push the aligners from the back of your mouth up and out using your index fingers.
  • You can use your thumb to softly push the aligners out of your mouth the rest of the way once they are half removed. Use warm water to wash the aligners to get rid of any saliva or debris.
  • To prevent them from drying out, keep the aligners in their case or in a container filled with water.
  • Your aligners should be handled gently to prevent damage. 

In order to minimize needless harm to your aligners, you should also avoid long nails.

Next Steps 

While using Invisalign Okotoks aligners to straighten your teeth is a terrific option, there are certain precautions you must follow to guarantee a satisfactory outcome. Aligners can give you the smile you’ve always wanted in the shortest amount of time feasible with cautious use and attentive dental hygiene practices.

Essential Dentistry is the top Invisalign provider in Okotoks. To make an appointment, get in touch with our office right now. We are eager to provide you with a grin you’ll like!