How Durable are Composite Fillings?

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how durable are composite fillings

You may be interested in metal-free fillings if you wish to keep your smile intact after developing a cavity. Composite resin materials that mimic your real teeth are used to make these fillings. While this specific material is not indestructible, you can extend the lifespan of your filling by adhering to certain rules with the help of a dentist near you

To learn more about this treatment and the strategies you can adopt to ensure your results last, visit a dental clinic nearby and speak to your dentist. 

Signs That a Dental Filling is Required

Some common indications that your tooth may require a filling are as follows: 

Bleeding Gums

This is a serious indicator that you should schedule an examination with a dentist in Okotoks. Gum bleeding is a common symptom of periodontal disease. You might have gingivitis, tooth decay, or any other gum and tooth-related illness if you have bleeding in your teeth or gums.

Oral Pain

Acute discomfort is by far the most important indicator that you should consider getting your tooth filled. Any discomfort you feel when eating or drinking hot or cold liquids may indicate that your teeth are decaying. An additional reason for your teeth’s increased sensitivity is cavities. It’s probably time to visit one of our professionals and let us know if you start to notice that the temperature of the food or beverages you consume affects you.


While it may not be as often as the other two symptoms, persistent foul breath is a clear indication that there is an issue in your mouth. Bad breath should be taken seriously because it may indicate a more serious underlying issue. 

Tooth Decay 

Cavities are known to erode teeth and leave behind tiny holes in them. More food particles may become caught in the wider hole it becomes, which will ultimately cause decay and poor breath. Plaque-associated bacteria that produce acid are the cause of dental caries, also referred to as tooth decay. Cavities brought on by dental decay over time may endanger the dentin or pulp chamber, two of the tooth’s internal layers. We usually advise a dental filling to address any minor to moderately-sized cavities that are found in you.

What Does a Composite Filling Look Like?

Composite fillings in Okotoks are purposefully designed to look like your natural teeth. In fact, this is one of the biggest advantages. Unlike with traditional metal fillings, nobody will be able to notice the difference between your treated tooth and your natural, healthy one. 

When you come in for your session, your dentist will take either physical impressions or digital scans of your mouth so that the filling is made to fit you snuggly. They will also work with you to select the shade that best matches your smile. 

How Long Do Dental Fillings Typically Last?

Composite fillings near you can last up to ten years, but usually not more than five or seven. Your fillings’ lifespan may vary depending on a number of circumstances, such as:

  • How well you take care of them — that is, if you practice and uphold proper oral hygiene
  • Which tooth has the filling — a tooth that is subjected to higher stress when chewing or, if you have bruxism, is more likely to wear out sooner
  • What you eat –– Whether you follow a healthy diet and what kinds of foods you eat

What Indicates the Need for a Filling Replacement?

If any of the following symptoms arise, it might be time to return to your dentist to have your filling replaced: a toothache; temperature sensitivity to hot or cold foods; intermittent pain; pressure when biting down; or visible fracture or loose filling.

Ultimately, composite fillings are a reliable solution to keep your teeth strong. By continuing to exercise caution in your eating habits and prioritizing dental cleanliness, you can also increase the longevity of the material and enjoy a healthy smile for many years. 

Visit Essential Dentistry if you require tooth restoration. We can help you schedule an appointment on a day and at a time that works best for you.