How Both Adults and Children Benefit From Regular Dental Exams

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both adults and children benefit from regular dental exams

It can be a huge concern to have a toddler at home who already has yellow teeth or even invisible cavities. Maybe grandpa’s teeth pop out every time he talks. Then again, someone else may have persistent bad breath that everyone prefers to stay clear of. The time might be ripe to visit a dentist near you.

You may be right in wondering if it is good to have regular dental exams near you, or will you be fine if you play it by ear to see if there is ever a need to see a dentist.

Suppose you consider that close to 40 percent of toddlers struggle with cavities that often lead to premature loss of their primary teeth. In that case, you can begin to understand why many parents are ready to pay attention to their young ones’ dental health.

Why an Oral Health Wellness Check for Kids is Necessary

Kids as young as a year old should visit a dentist in Okotoks for an oral wellness check. One reason is that an X-ray will detect any abnormalities in their tooth growth. This way, the dentist may seal their teeth and thereby prevent decay for a couple of years. Going for a check-up at the local family dental clinic will not harm as it reduces anxiety and stress.

Sorting Out Orthodontic Issues

Family dentistry clinics will provide one with wireless aligners that can be removed at night to sort out abnormal bite patterns to prevent increased risks of tooth decay and uneven tooth wear. The added advantage is that you will sport a more aesthetic and symmetrical appearance.

How to Deal with Impairments Like Chipped or Cracked Teeth?

It is not nice to have to deal with a missed tooth or even cracked or chipped teeth. You won’t fix the problem by avoiding mirrors. The only solution is to opt for dental exams in Okotoks. They may bond a thin shell over the area that got damaged to conceal natural gaps or chipped teeth, which is just as useful for covering discolored teeth.

Dental implants seem to be the best option for when you’ve lost a tooth. These are secured to posts, which are then fused to the jawbone. The color-matched crown would be utilized to shelter the implant to function as a healthy tooth. Implants are great to replace dentures. The ability to speak, eat and chew normally is what makes implants so popular.

Speaking of which, let’s look at why dental implants are a suitable option for replacing lost teeth.

Replacing Lost Teeth Through Using Dental Implants

Once you’ve lost a tooth, it is imperative to get a replacement as soon as possible. Fixtures such as dental implants prove to be the best solution for replacing a missed tooth. There are three key or primary reasons why this is the case:

  1. Strength – On replacing a missing canine or molar, you want it to look and feel like the original. Therefore, you want to laugh, speak, chew and bite naturally. There are no limitations regarding any of these with dental implants.
  2. Appearance – You become very conscious of yourself when you have a missing tooth. Therefore, you need your smile to be as normal looking as possible, which is something you can achieve with implants.
  3. Durability and a permanent replacement – Ideally, you want a permanent replacement for a missing tooth, which is something that dental implants offer as it is extremely durable.

Not only do implants last longer, but they are stronger and more natural-looking. This is why professionals like Essential Dentistry highly recommend dental exams as a preventive measure.